What to Expect When You Take the Exam

All military recruits must take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery to be eligible for enlistment. Studying ASVAB practice test questions can help you become more familiar with the overall format of the test and what types of information you’ll find on each section. However, you may still find yourself wondering what to expect on the actual testing day.

If you’re not taking the test as part of your high school education, you’ll need to provide acceptable photo identification to be admitted into the testing area. Do not be late to the military testing location. If you fail to arrive on time, you’ll be required to reschedule your test.

Regardless of where you take it, you’re not allowed to bring cell phones or other electronic devices into the testing area; this includes calculators. You must be able to complete all mathematics questions using pencil and paper calculations.

You do not need to have any special computer skills to complete the computerized version of the test. If you are taking the computer version, you’ll receive a brief introductory training session on how the computer software works, and how to ask for help if you encounter technical difficulties.

When taking the computer aided test, you can’t go back and change answers to a question. You must answer the questions in the order they appear. If you are taking the paper and pencil version of the test, however, you can change answers or come back to questions if you wish.

You are not allowed to talk to other people about the test questions. If you are found to be giving or receiving information about the questions, you will be asked to leave, and your test scores will be invalidated.

If you take the computer version, you’ll get test scores immediately after you finish. If you take the paper-and-pencil ASVAB, it will take about two weeks to get your test results.