ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Questions

1. Generous most nearly means:

a. giving
b. truthful
c. selfish
d. harsh

2. The math test was quite challenging.

a. reasonable
b. lengthy
c. difficult
d. simple

3. Instructor most nearly means:

a. pupil
b. teacher
c. survivor
d. dictator

4. The audience applauded after the woman concluded her presentation.

a. delivered
b. prepared
c. attended
d. finished

5. Residence most nearly means:

a. home
b. area
c. plan
d. resist

6. The company instantly agreed to the terms of the contract.

a. reluctantly
b. eventually
c. immediately
d. definitely

7. Gigantic most nearly means:

a. small
b. great
c. huge
d. scary

8. The new car was very costly.

a. expensive
b. cheap
c. attractive
d. rare

9. Opportunity most nearly means:

a. event
b. plan
c. direction
d. chance

10. The woman’s response to the question was correct.

a. hesitation
b. answer
c. decision
d. concern

11. Frequently most nearly means

a. difficulty
b. freely
c. often
d. easy

12. He observed the eagles with binoculars.

a. watched
b. hunted
c. scared
d. sold

13. Purchased most nearly means

a. sold
b. bargained
c. complained
d. bought

14. She is having difficulties with her new computer.

a. experiences
b. solutions
c. pleasures
d. problems

15. Entire most nearly means

a. whole
b. divide
c. tired
d. basic

ASVAB Word Knowledge Answers and Explanations